Pro-Russian officials report that “about 5000” civilians were killed and “60% to 70%” homes were destroyed

The “new mayor” announced by pro-Russian forces in Mariupol was evacuated by 250,000 people on Thursday, but at least 300,000 remained on the scene.

The “New mayor” Announced by pro-Russian forces Mariopol That was announced on Thursday“About 5000 people” He died among the civilians in this Ukrainian city, which had been besieged for weeks by the Russian military and its separatist allies.

“About 60 to 70% of the houses are destroyed or partially destroyed”, Also, quoting the Russian agency TASS, Konstantin Ivashtchenko, Denis Bushlin, Donetsk separatist leader was appointed mayor of the city on Wednesday. 250,000 people have left the city, but he estimates that at least 300,000 people are left behind. These quotes are excerpts from an interview TASS announced was released on Friday.

Konstantin Ivachtchenko also promises a school “Best protected”Some classes may start soon “This month” Despite the lack of electricity:We’ve going to run the generator for a while. We can’t give water, which means we can’t feed the kids, but we can have 2-3 classes a day. Ukrainian officials have put forward estimates “With caution” 5,000 dead, while “maybe”Tens of thousands of civilians killed And the city was destroyed “90%”. Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine also agreed on Thursday that they were still fighting with thousands of Ukrainians in the besieged city and bringing it under their control. “Takes time”.

Fierce fights

According to Edward Bazur, a representative of the Donetsk separatist forces, the fighting is concentrated on the site and port of the Azovstal group’s vast steel industrial zone. “How can you imagine an industrial zone? It’s a city within a city, there are many underground levels from Soviet times, you can not bomb from above, you have to clean the underground. It will take time.”, He explained to the antenna of the Russian channel Pervi Kanal. Ukrainian forces “Prepared, they know the terrain better than we do, it makes no sense to specify a date or schedule” To complete the Mariupol victory, he added.

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According to him, Russian and separatist forces must find and block all access to underground arteries and wait for the surrender of Ukrainian forces. The previous day, Edouard Bassourine had rated the fight in this area “3000 or 3500” Ukrainian forces but the number of armed Mariupol residents has not been determined. “So the (total) number may be too large” he said. In addition, Edward Passorin pointed out that pockets of protest remain in the city center.

The Russian military and its separatist allies have been besieging Mariupol for weeks and facing fierce Ukrainian opposition. According to both sides, the humanitarian situation there is catastrophic, and the city is largely in ruins. The capture of this port is strategic for Russia because it would allow it to establish ties between Crimea, which was annexed in 2014, and the separatist-controlled territory and Russian territory. Moscow has significantly stationed strongholds of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyro, who has not yet succeeded in capturing the port city.

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