Prince Charles Officially “King of England”



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S. Perez, N. Aur, C. Madiny, J. Pelletier, L. Lavelle – France 2

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Charles III, son of the late Queen Elizabeth II, became England’s new king after being sworn in at St James’s Palace on Saturday 10 September.

It was the beginning of a new era for the British monarchy. “Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, after the death of our beloved Sovereign, became our sole and lawful King, Charles III.“, said David White, King of Arms of the Order of the Garter. Charles III will be king in the 2020s: the ceremony will be televised for the first time, while being broadcast on hundreds of mobile phones. However, the centuries-old ritual was strictly observed. The dignitaries of the country had assembled by order of St. James’s Palace. Among them, new government leader Liz Truss and in the room, several former prime ministers.

Charles III, the 41st king to succeed William the Conqueror, vowed to follow the example of his mother, from whom he had long been in the shadow: “I am aware of this great heritage, the obligations of the Crown, and the heavy responsibilities.“. His son William, the new Prince of Wales, signed the document in pen and ink as a witness. “God save the kingThen he entered the crowd.

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