Perth of a French legion found in Mariupol? Take a look at these pictures

A beret and a badge to prove that the Legionnaires would have been Mariopol ? This is the most widely shared indictment since Wednesday Social Websites. Many internet users accuse me of being a member Foreign Brigade Positioned themselves in port This is a severely affected city There War A regiment with members of the Azov Regiment Usually coming back In the pro-Russian campaign.

They rely on it In a video “War gonzo”, released on April 4, received 272,000 views from its YouTube account. It shows a man, probably a Russian soldier, grabbing a berth from the back of a junk military vehicle. The soldier then presents a badge to the camera.

It’s easy to get a badge of a bartender and a foreign battalion on the internet, reminiscent of a source who specializes in legion in 20 minutes. – Twitter screenshot
France did not deploy troops in Ukraine, recalling a military source.
France did not deploy troops in Ukraine, recalling a military source. – Twitter screenshot

This YouTube channel is hosted by Semyon Bekov, who takes videos with the military Russian. This was before Work Popular site near the Kremlin on Donbass for Life News.

Fake off

Beret and Badge visible in the video are actually elements of the foreign regiment uniform, the sources of experts in this organization of the French army confirm to us. However, the elements challenge: “We see that Bert is new”, underlining a military source 20 minutes. As for the badge, it should have a number on the front page that adds this source, which is not here.

It is also possible to buy a military surplus or a badge and badge on the Internet, concluding the second expert on these questions, he adds: “A soldier does not drop his berth. They are taught at a very young age not to let go of their weapon and barret.”

In addition, France has not stationed legionnaires in Ukraine, recalling a military source, although this does not exclude the presence of ex-servicemen or fugitives. As for the legionnaires currently in agreement with the military, they have no authority to go to Ukraine on their own initiative: those who violate the orders and cover up the danger with radiation, Reminded 20 minutes March 11 Colonel Antoine Fluret, Commander-in-Chief of the Foreign Legion Command.

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The Foreign Brigade has repeatedly warned of the case of men who declare their desire to go to Ukraine and present themselves as ex-servicemen. On Twitter, the recruitment office stayed in these units for only a few weeks, so some did not hesitate to point out that they did not receive this status.

90% of the city’s infrastructure in Mariupol has been destroyed, according to the city’s mayor Vadim Podchenko, who described the situation to AFP on Tuesday as “beyond the stage of a humanitarian catastrophe”. Exit convoy of International Committee of the Red Cross delegation Explained Had to drop approaching the city this Wednesday due to “security conditions”.

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