Overseas first round results

In Guadeloupe, Secretary of State in charge of the sea Justin Benin is in the polls. This first round is marked by no record in foreign territories.

The Secretary of State in charge of the sea, Justin Benin, is on the ballot after the first round of legislative elections, which were voted unregistered in the Antilles, such as Saint-Pierre-et Miquelon.


Of the four constituencies in the Foreign Office, two outgoing representatives are in favor of the ballot: Justin Benin (2nd Circle), who holds the post of Secretary of State for Maritime Affairs in the government, will oppose the second round. News nominees Christian Baptiste and Olivier Sarva (1st round) recently resigned from the presidency.

The 3rd volume creates a surprise by placing Rodi Tolasi, the local leader of the RN, in front of the modem-related, outgoing deputy Max Mathias. In the second round of the presidential election, Marine Le Pen won nearly 70% of the vote in Guadeloupe.

In the 4th district, the PS-backed candidate, Saint-Claude Commune Mayor Elie Califer, is ahead of Mary-Luce Benzard, more than Foreign Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who was supported in this election by the Renaissance.

Turnout was low (25.31%, up from 25.60% in the 1st round in 2017).


Jean-Philippe Nilor (Democratic and Republican Left), the only outgoing deputy to represent himself, was eliminated in this first round, marked by a strong turnout of four constituencies in 2017, with 21.37% against 26%. By his former mentor, 85-year-old Alfred Marie-Jean, a former head of local authority.

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In the second round, the far-left Peyi-A and the Gran sanble pou matinik, Mim-led coalition, Alfred Marie Jeanne’s Martinique Independent Movement, will clash in the other two constituencies in Fort-de. Gran sanble pou matinik, a French candidate backed by the Martinican Progressive Party formed by Aimé Césaire, is voting against a candidate.


The outgoing Macronist deputy, Lénaïck Adam, is in a favorable vote against trade unionist Davy Riman, a member of the Guinean Workers’ Union.

In the first volume, Gabriel Cerville (GDR vice 2012-2021) resigned as leader of the Guyana community, Yvane Goua, a volunteer, and Trop Violans co-speaker, born out of the turmoil of the protests. In 2017, he will face Jean-Victor Castor, a member of the Movement for Colonization and Social Liberation.

The participation rate is slightly higher.

Saint-Bartholomew and Saint-Martin

Exit assistant LR Claire Javois Guion-Firmin was eliminated in the first round. In the second round, Divers Wright Daniel Gibbs, former chairman of the Saint-Martin Collectivity from 2009 to 2012 and current vice-president of the regional majority, will face former vice president and superintendent Friends Gumps from 2012 to 2017. Saint-Martin Collection from 2017 to 2022.

The participation rate is very low, from 24.02% in 2017 to only 21.25%.

St. Pierre and Miquelon

Stephen Claireaux, the outgoing LREM vice president, did not represent himself. In the second round, Stephen Lenormont, the candidate of the local movement Archibald Demine, will compete against the party of the Jew-Luc Mன்சlenchon of France, close to the first Olivier Gaston.

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In 2017, the turnout was down from 59.47% to 53.47% among registered voters.

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