Olaf Scholz warns that Germany must “be prepared for an expansion” of the conflict

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at an economic conference in Berlin on November 22, 2022 – Tobias Schwarz/AFP

During an economic conference in Berlin, the German chancellor spoke about the ongoing conflict with the Russians in Ukraine.

A fight is taking place between them on Tuesday Ukrainians and Russians at Kinborne’s tipOlaf Scholz warned that Germany “must be ready to escalate the situation in Ukraine”.

“Given the development of the war and the visible and growing defeats of Russia … we must prepare for an escalation,” the German chancellor told a press conference. Guardian.

During the economic conference organized by South German newspaperthe 64-year-old politician hinted Russian territorial losses for a few weeksThe Kremlin has demanded the withdrawal of its soldiers, particularly in the Kherson region.

An extension of “destruction of infrastructure”.

Since that military defeat, Russia has done a lot Missile attack on Ukrainian strategic locationsincluding electricity infrastructure Millions of people were deprived of electricity President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The escalation, which Germany is preparing for, “includes the destruction of infrastructure,” said Olaf Scholes.

On November 4, President Xi went to China to meet with Xi Jinping. At the time, he was welcomed by the Chinese president to say that he was opposed to the deal A nuclear escalation in the war in Ukraine. He urged Xi Jinping to convince Russia to end its occupation of Ukraine.

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