Obama appeals to flu-stricken Democrats for help

The former President of the United States is making a remarkable comeback in the political arena as the mid-term elections approach.

Approaching the important Interim Assembly Elections In America, a Democratic president is campaigning hard… except it’s not Joe Biden. By November 8th, an election date with significant stakes, we will see more of Barack Obama everywhere, on the floor and in campaign scenes, than the current tenant of the White House.

However, on Friday, the two spoke simultaneously in both corners of America: Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Barack Obama in Georgia, two decisive states for the Democratic Party campaign.

Both refused, essentially, the same speech: It’s a question of saving American democracy by thwarting Donald Trump’s party, the Republicans.

To steal the show

But the former Democratic leader stole the show from his running mate, playing with his sense of recapitulation and the art of his “punchlines,” and he never lost his eloquent ease. “There is no telling what will happen if you win“Barack Obama spoke about conservatives with verve and shirt sleeves, savoring the excitement of his audience in Atlanta.”I want you to get off the couch and vote! Put down your phone, leave TikTok and vote!ยป.

On Saturday in Detroit, Michigan, the former president was able to demonstrate this reluctance. “Sir, that is what I am trying to point out. We have a structure in our democracy. This is me speaking and you will have a chance to speak later. You wouldn’t do that at your workplace.“, he began, challenging an opponent.

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The former president – from 2009 to 2017 – withdrew from the political arena, devoting himself to other activities: documentaries, publications, philanthropy … But he returned there in a very significant way, with chain meetings : Georgia, Michigan and then Wisconsin on Saturday, and in Nevada on Tuesday, Then there will be Pennsylvania.

Will the House of Representatives soon be Republican?

Polls, taken with a grain of salt, predict that Democrats will retain their precarious control of the Senate but lose the House of Representatives to the benefit of Republican opposition.

However, a recent surge in the polls of conservative right-wing candidates, including the most ferocious foals of former Republican President Donald Trump, has raised fears of higher-than-expected losses in the White House. Even with the Senate tilt, it would put both houses of Congress under Republican control.

Barack Obama, in one way, could sound the alarm: During the 2010 legislative elections, his party was “unfrozen,” marking the halfway mark of his first term. “Being in the White House and being in a bubble is an inherent risk“For 160 years, the ruling party has always allowed these elections,” he said then.

“Joe Biden,” continues to pride himself as the closest president.Middle, middle class“, is far from Washington’s microcosm, yet gives a sense of refuge from the start of the campaign.”Bulls” questioned. He continues to travel and fundraise for the Democratic Party, but the 79-year-old president, unpopular, has yet to try in some hotly contested states like Arizona. And he will hold his final campaign rally the day before the election, on familiar ground, heavily Democratic Maryland.

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