Nuclear danger. Update of ORSEC Iodine Schemes.

Keep in mind that nuclear escalation is possible in Ukraine, where there are dangers to Ukrainian nuclear power plants and the already infamous Chernobyl, but also the constantly bombed Zaporizhia power plant.

Keep in mind the great FRAlert campaign I’m telling you about today.

Finally, be aware that the directorate of Oise is calling communities of municipalities to prepare iodine supplies in case of a radioactive cloud.

So this is an update of the ORSEC iodine scheme. The photo illustrating this article shows which box you will receive, because if it arrives on time, it will be provided by the Army Central Pharmacy … hopefully it will not look like masks!

Get your bag of rice ready and your rolls of scotch tape and tape the house… If the worst happens one day, you won’t have time to run to Leclerc or Brigo-thing.

As my grandfather used to say, “A cautious man is worth 2, but a prepared man is worth 4”.

Charles Channott

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