No new release in coming days, new date coming up

After the failed launch of NASA’s Mega rocket to the moon, the US agency announced it would wait before attempting the experiment again.

After a second failed liftoff attempt on Saturday, NASA will not try to send its new mega-rocket to the moon in the coming days, a NASA official said, without yet announcing a new date.

The launch period, which ends Tuesday, is “no longer on the table,” NASA Associate Administrator Jim Free told a news conference. The Artemis 1 test mission was supposed to mark the start of the US space program back on the moon without a crew.

The next periods for a launch are September 19 to October 4, then October 17 to 31.

A leak in the canceled location

Fifty years after the last Apollo mission, the new Artemis flagship program makes it possible to establish a permanent human presence on the Moon and then use it as a launch pad for Mars.

After a failed first attempt on Monday, the launch of the first Artemis 1 test mission without an astronaut, this time from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, is scheduled for Saturday. But NASA teams failed to address the fuel leak problem, which began during operations to fill the rocket tanks. Publishing director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson ultimately made the decision to cancel.

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