Nicolas Dupont-Aignan will not join any committee in the legislature

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19h03 : Hello. A constitutional bill approved by the Legislature and the Senate may be submitted to the French electorate by referendum, but there is an alternative: a text that is unanimously voted on by all members of Congress and voted by at least 60% of the electorate. Among them. The choice is up to the president.

19h03 : Can you confirm that a referendum is required to pass the Constitution Bill (after 2 chambers have been adopted)? I do not know if my reading of Section 89 is correct.

18h59 : Ponzer Danny. In short, adopting a simple law It only asks for the votes of the Legislature and the Senate, MPs should state the final decision in case of disagreement. On the other hand, constitutional amendment requires the agreement of both. But 3/5 of the members of Parliament met in Congress Or by ballot. Although the Constitution covers the right to abortion, the procedure is the same for its abolition. But the future majority who want to ban abortion will need a broad consensus, if this right is subject to constitutional law, it is based on the simple law of today.

18h58 : Can you explain why it is more difficult to remove an article from the Constitution than it is to attach it, as it was supposed to protect the right to abortion?

18h46 : After the Renaissance Committee (formerly LREM) tabled a bill in the legislature to incorporate the right to abortion, some of the Left mocked the reform of the majority, blocking two attempts by the Left to implement this reform, in 2018 and then 2019. Our journalist is Rafael Codet This explains to you what these two paradigms are How the Renaissance justifies this change of mind.

6:10 p.m. : Recall the main message of this Saturday:

மறு The Renaissance Committee (formerly LREM) in the Legislature today tabled a bill The Constitution affirms the right to abortion, In response to the revocation of this right at the federal level in the United States. A proposal already made by the Left in 2018 and 2019: it was rejected by the majority.

Outside a gay hostel in Oslo, a gunman killed two people and wounded 21 others. Authorities support the terrorist path.

The day after the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops, the mayor of Siverodonetsk confirms that the city is completely under the control of the Russian army. According to pro-Russian separatists, Russian troops entered the last town of Lviv, Ukrainian-controlled Luhansk region.

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5:51 p.m. : Essonne’s re-elected deputy, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, will not join a parliamentary committee and will sit among the unregistered, his party Debout la France has announced, with his only representative in the legislature. The presidential candidate was already in this situation during the previous assembly, but Hemicycle did not have an RN group at the time.

16h37 : What exactly does the majority proposal provide for the inclusion of the right to abortion in the Constitution? What path should she take? Is this the first attempt in this direction? Here it is Answer to four questions In the announcement of this text.

16h48 : The U.S. Supreme Court ruling was a shock, but above all, a warning that makes us realize that women’s rights have unfortunately never been achieved, even the rights we think are irreversible. (…) A law is much easier to repeal than what is written in the stone of our constitution. “

In franceinfo, the new leader of the Renaissance delegation (the new name of the LREM) explains why the majority wants to include the right to abortion in the constitution. She also thinks there will be a vote “A moment of truthe”Because it will force different political forces to position themselves.

13h48 : Abortion rights revoked in US: “I am the spokesperson of a French political party, we are sovereign, so we will not interfere in the affairs of others”. RN spokesman Philip Ballard declined to comment on the US Supreme Court decision.

13h48 : Many of you ask me about the RN’s position on the US Supreme Court ruling overturning abortion as a constitutional right. This morning, Philippe Ballard, a former journalist and spokesman for RN, a guest of FranceInfo, confirmed that he was not going. “Do not interfere in the business of others”.

12h32 : Dear @auroreberge and @RixainMP, Guardians of the Stamps, I support this parliamentary initiative. It is imperative that these fundamental rights be enshrined in our Constitution in these dark times.

12h29 : Dear @auroreberge, The government strongly supports this bill. For all women and human rights, this achievement must be engraved in stone. Parliament must unite very broadly around this speech.

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13h30 : Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne announces that the government will support the Renaissance Committee (formerly LREM) bill to include abortion in the Constitution. Justice Minister Eric DuPont-Moretti is following the same path.

19h32 : This is noon, here are the news headlines:

The revival (formerly LREM) is being filed today, the day after the US Supreme Court ruling An ace Aimed at affirming the right to abortion in the French Constitution. A proposal had already been proposed by the LFI and rejected by the government during the previous assembly.

Norwegian police opened Investigation into “act of terrorism” Overnight after a shooting near a bar in central Oslo led to the cancellation of the LGBT Pride parade scheduled for the day.

The Ukrainian military says missiles were fired from Belarus, Moscow’s diplomatic ally, into the Chernihiv border northeast of Q. This is the first time since the conflict that Ukraine has opened fire from its northern neighbor. Follow our lives.

13h24 : Ponzer Citizen And this is actually a date error. This was confirmed to me by an LFI sponsor who sent me a press release starting today.

11:55 am : NUPES Newsletter dated September 25th. I think I was wrong

11:55 am : Hello, find out why News’ call for abortion to be included in the constitution is dated September 25? Thanks in advance

13h22 : News, a coalition of left-wing parties, proposes in a press release “Filing of Common Speech to All Committees of the National Assembly” The French constitution should refer to abortion.

13h21 : In 2018, there was the National Assembly Rejected the inclusion of the right to contraception and abortion in the preamble of the ConstitutionProposed by members of the opposition. “There is no need to express fear” In France, Ya இணைl Braun-Pivet, then co-correspondent, explained the challenges abroad, and now Perch is the majority candidate.

13h17 : “The party seeks parliamentary collaborators”: This may be the text of an advertisement signed by Marine Le Pen. The results of the Assembly elections, unexpectedly, required the RN to urgently appoint about 300 staff, of which about thirty were to the Parliamentary Committee alone. Explanations in our article.


10h20 : You know, Emmanuel Macron’s camp did not get an absolute majority in the National Assembly. This would force the pro-presidential parties to negotiate with the opposition, but they have some assets at their disposal to legislate. Success, however, is not guaranteed. We explain all this in our article.

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09h52 : What happens elsewhere should not happen! We must sanctify the right to # abortion for future generations, I submit to the head of the @aruroreberge group.

13h11 : After Arrow Berkeley’s intervention in France Inter, majority MP Mary-Pierre Ricksine posted a text on Twitter saying that the Renaissance Committee would file a bill today aimed at registering the right to abortion. This bill “In line with the continuing successful developments in our country, it is possible to make abortion a permanent sanctuary so that no one can miss it,” he said. Can we read.

12h44 : Ponzer Maxime83, You refer to the LFI and the Renaissance plans to include the right to abortion in the French Constitution. Emmanuel Macron wanted to include it in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The President had done This adOn January 19, he addressed the European Parliament on the occasion of the inauguration of the French President of the European Union.

09h41 : Do not forget that Emmanuel Macron proposed it in a speech in January

09h24 : “In France, we guarantee and advance the rights of women. We sanctify them. As of today, with my Renaissance group, we are drafting a constitutional bill to protect access to abortion.” @franceinter #mybodymychoice #RoeVsWade

09h24 : சோ The tragedy on the other side of the Atlantic compels us.I propose to NUPES on Monday to table a bill to include in the Constitution any obstacle to the fundamental right to abortion in France.

12h39 : This is probably a field where Nupes and LREM agree. Mathilde Panot, chairman of the LFI group in the legislature, announced that Nupes would file a bill Monday to include the right to abortion in the constitution, following a ruling by the US Supreme Court. This morning, Aror Berke, chairman of the Renaissance Committee (formerly LREM), confirmed the filing of his committee. “From today” “Proposed constitutional law to protect access to abortion”.

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