Netherlands. A woman and her friend were found dead in a lake: an accident hypothesis

A car containing the two bodies of a disabled 10-year-old girl and her carer who went missing in the south of the Netherlands was found on Wednesday, Dutch police said. Subsequently, the police said they wanted an accident report.

Hundreds of volunteers took part in the search for Hebe, 10, and her 26-year-old companion, who went missing under alarming circumstances on Monday. The companion took Hebe, who suffers from motor disabilities, to a special day care center in Ramstonksveer, a small town near the Belgian border.

There were no signs of life as of Monday evening

They were last seen on the A59 highway between Ramstonksveer and Hebe’s home in Wood on Monday evening. He tweeted on Wednesday evening that Dutch police had found a car driven by an assistant submerged in a body of water near the town of Den Bosch.

Two bodies were found on board, a police spokesman later told public broadcaster NOS, adding that investigators “have every reason to believe” they are the woman and her child.

On Twitter, police in East Brabant, the region where the car was found, confirmed that “the investigation of the site where #Sanne and #Hebe were found near the Embel junction is almost complete.” “The bodies have been recovered and the car will be towed overnight for a thorough examination at another location,” police said.

Police, which launched a national alert with a photo of the girl and an appeal for witnesses, said they were considering “all scenarios” from an accident to an abduction. “What happened will be determined by the investigation,” a police spokesman said.

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