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Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Blake Shelton rang in the New Year with a new song fans called “tone deaf.”

“The Voice” coach first debuted his new song, “Minimum Wage,” on NBC’s New Years Eve on Thursday, explaining that it was a love song about his soon-to-be wife, Gwen Stefani. The two announced their engagement on Oct. 27. However, Shelton received backlash for insensitive lyrics, in which he sings, “Girl, your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage.” Fans took to Twitter to criticize the “God’s Country” singer for his tone-deaf song released during the pandemic, which has resulted in closures of businesses and unemployment among many Americans.

“Does anyone else find Blake Shelton’s ‘Minimum Wage’ song to be incredibly tone deaf to our country’s current state?” user @KYLE0REN wrote on Friday. Others pointed out the irony of a wealthy celebrity romanticizing minimum wage, with user @Cody_T_Squirrel calling it “odd timing” for “millionaire country singer Blake Shelton debuting a song on NBC about how love can make them feel rich on minimum wage.” “What does Blake Shelton know about minimum wage?” user @vinnylav wrote.

User @Amber_Dawn89 wrote that she was “losing my mind watching Blake Shelton, a man who has $100M, sing ‘Your love is money, you make me feel rich on minimum wage.'”

Twitter account @PatrioticMills even urged the singer to advocate raising the federal minimum wage.

“Hey @blakeshelton, you’re worth $100 million. It’s a bad look to sing about feeling rich on the minimum wage when actual minimum wage workers are hungry and can’t pay rent,” they wrote on Friday.

“How about you join us in fighting to #RaiseTheWage to $15 per hour?” Others defended Shelton and his intentions, with one user @CJinRealLife noting that the singer could have previously worked minimum wage job before becoming famous.

“I’m sure he can remember what being broke vs. being in love feels like… Also, maybe he didn’t write it, even if so, let’s not stress about a song.”

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