Moscow sees Western civilian satellites used to assist Q as ‘legitimate targets’

Were Ukrainian forces able to maintain a command and control structure? [C2] Despite the strikes and jamming of their communications by the Russians, this is largely thanks to the satellites and terminals of the Starlink network used by SpaceX, the American company founded by Elon Musk.

On October 14, when Ukrainian officials sharply criticized him for proposing a peace plan perceived as favorable to Moscow. [qu’il « aille se faire foutre! », a même lancé Andriï Melnyk, l’ambassadeur d’Ukraine en Allemagne], let the latter know that his company no longer wants to bear the cost of services provided free of charge to the Ukrainian army until then. That’s about $20 million a month. SpaceX “can’t continue to fund the existing system indefinitely and send thousands of terminals [..]. This is not fair,” he said.

Finally, Ukrainian officials returned to good feelings about SpaceX’s eccentric boss. [de Tesla et bientôt de Twitter] Backtracked on his words. “It doesn’t matter… even if Starlink still loses money and other companies get billions of taxpayer dollars, we will continue to fund the Ukrainian government,” he said.

“Starlink is the only communication system that continues to function at the front, all others are dead,” Mr. Musk further underscored. To add: “Russia is actively trying to kill Starling. To protect itself, SpaceX has diverted massive resources to security. It certainly comes at a cost…

Especially in the early hours of the war in Ukraine, when Russia was accused of a cyber attack against the KA-SAT communications satellite operated by the US company Viasat, which provided high-speed Internet access to many European countries. . And, apparently, Moscow could not stop there …

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In fact, on October 26, during a meeting The first group Konstantin Vorontsov, deputy director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department of Non-Proliferation and Arms Control at the United Nations General Assembly, condemned the US’s “provocative use”. [et leurs alliés] “Civilian satellites” behind the war in Ukraine. The Starlink network is obviously targeted… but maybe space imaging companies like DigitalGlobe for example.

“We want to underline a very dangerous trend that has clearly emerged during the events in Ukraine. We are talking about the use of civilian, commercial, satellites in armed conflicts by the United States and its allies,” said Mr. Vorontsov actually said. And these machines “could be a legitimate target during a retaliatory strike. »

“Western activities unnecessarily affect the sustainability of peaceful space activities and many social and economic processes on Earth” and can “harm the well-being of people, primarily the people of developing countries”, supported elsewhere. The Russian ambassador continued to propose that his country, like China, “do not develop, test, deploy or use space objects as weapons against targets on the ground, in the air or in space – in the atmosphere. Space Weapons for Missile Defense”.

However, in November 2021, Russia conducted a test of a direct-entry anti-satellite missile. [ASAT] Against one of its own engines, Cosmos-1408 was launched into orbit in 1982. Since then, hundreds of pieces of debris have formed at altitudes of 200 to 1000 km…which forced the International Space Station to fly. [ISS] To carry out a new evasion maneuver on the night of October 24-25.

Be that as it may, the threat posed by the Russian official can be taken very seriously… because Moscow considers countries that provide military support to Ukraine, especially by supplying weapons, to be “partners in the conflict”.

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