Moscow is not a member of the UN Economic and Social Council …

8:15 am: European mess with kyiv saying yes without getting too involved

Despite repeated assurances that Ukraine belongs to the “European family”, Ukraine is poised to receive official EU candidate status by the end of June. kyiv demands a firm “legal commitment” and a strong signal; The Europeans, however, are divided, procrastinating and wanting to establish themselves in Moldova and Georgia.

“Giving candidate status to Ukraine is very dull”, recognizing a diplomatic source from a key country in the union, citing overt sanctions, countries that need to implement war, corruption, administration, reforms … ” They want to add to it, but they know full well that Ukraine will not be able to bring about a forced march. They know that we must not reduce the requirements for entry into the EU. Otherwise, we will kill the EU. “

According to the French president, the European summit in late June could offer Ukraine a number of options: conditional candidate status, candidate status with a start date for negotiations, a review rule … “I will bet on consensus formulas and promises. Involve only those who listen to what they say”, said researcher Franç Heisbourg estimates that the Ukrainian nominee “did not inspire excitement in Paris or Berlin”, two European heavyweights.

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