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  • And Russian missile strikes shopping center “Very often” From the city of Kremensuk, Monday, June 27, At least twenty people were killed and fifty-nine were injured in the first attack. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky condemned the attack “Shameless act of terrorism” From Russia.
  • “Indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians are a war crime”, Condemned G7 (Germany, Canada, USA, France, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom) leaders at the summit in southern Germany. “The President of Russia, [Vladimir] Putin and those responsible will be held accountable.They also announced “Continue[aient] To provide financial, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support. “ To Ukraine “Until it takes”.
  • The meeting leaders also expressed their views “Deep Concern” After Russia announced that it was possible Transfers nuclear-armed missiles to Belarus ; They have “Required” Return “Immediately” The Ukrainians were taken “By coercion” In Russia.
  • Paris will send “substantial quantities” of armored vehicles Troops in Ukraine, announced Sebastien Lekorn, Minister of the French Armed Forces in an interview released on Monday evening Inside Parisian.
  • President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip ErdoganHis Finnish counterpart, who will meet on Tuesday in Madrid, Sauli NiinistöAnd Prime Minister of Sweden, Magdalena AndersonTo discuss Sweden and Finland’s candidatures for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization blocked by Ankara, Helsinki announced.
  • President of Russia, Vladimir PutinHe will travel to Tajikistan, an ally of the Russian Federation in Central Asia, on Tuesday and Turkmenistan on Wednesday to attend the Caspian Sea Summit.
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