Map of extreme temperatures and climate events this summer in Europe

Although the high fire season is not yet over, the number of temporary fires in the EU is increasing, with more than 660,000 hectares already burned since January. An unprecedented amount for this stage of the year Since the start of satellite data use in 2006.

The area most affected by the flames was the Iberian Peninsula, which destroyed more than 246,000 hectares, mainly in Galicia in northwest, central Europe, which has so far been relatively spared, having experienced a harsh summer. Firefighters took more than ten days in July to bring the biggest fire in Slovenia’s recent history under control.

Deadly storms, ocean heat waves, collapsing glaciers… Fires and beyond the borders of the European Union, the entire Mediterranean region was hit by extreme weather events this summer. If climate change does not explain all of these manifestations, it is clearly questionable when it comes to increasing heat waves even in the ocean.

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