London has announced new trade sanctions against Russia

Following the imposition of US sanctions this Sunday, the United Kingdom announced new export sanctions with an increase in tariffs.

The British government on Sunday announced a new round of trade sanctions against Russia and Belarus in connection with the invasion of Ukraine, including export sanctions on Russian industry and higher tariffs on palladium.

These massive sanctions will do even more damage to the Russian war machineInternational Trade Minister Ann-Marie Travelian said in a statement.

Tariffs will increase by 35 percentage points, especially when platinum and palladium – used in the automotive industry – are banned from exporting to Russia, targeting goods intended for the manufacturing and heavy machinery sectors, such as plastic, rubber or machinery. “Russia is a major producer of platinum and palladium, and is heavily dependent on the UK for exports.These products underscore the government.

The sanctions deal with goods worth 1. 1.7 billion (approximately 2 2 billion), bringing the value of goods targeted by trade sanctions to more than ில்லியன் 4 billion since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, the official said. The UK has allowed 1,000 individuals and more than 100 companies since the invasion.

The previous day, in a statement from the White House, the United States had announced new sanctions against Russia, with two main axes: access to media and consulting and accounting services by companies and large fortunes. , In which the Americans and the British are the leading experts in the world.

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