Liz Truss, denied by all sides, says she is “regretful” for her “mistakes” and wants to be prime minister

The banter continues for Liz Truss. In an interview broadcast by the BBC on Monday, October 17, the British Prime Minister culled her: “I want to take responsibility and apologize for my mistakes” The Tory leader said six weeks after arriving at 10 Downing Street. Rejected within his own party, he was forced to backtrack on his campaign promises and drop out. “Development Plan” After unleashing a storm in the markets, he said he would remain in office, “conduct [ses] Obligations in the National Interest.”

Behind-the-scenes machinations are rife to push her towards eviction, the head of government vowed. “Worked quickly to fix these bugs”, again and againsorry” And believes he wants to go “Very, very fast”.

The exercise comes as the new finance minister, Jeremy Hunt, takes the helm of government. Earlier in the day, it released the main lines of its medium-term budget plan. He makes full use of the plan of his predecessor Kwasi Kwarteng.

Liz Truss sent the minister responsible for relations with parliament, Benny Mordant, to respond to opposition parties in parliament, fueling questions about her disintegrating powers. The Prime Minister later appeared at Westminster with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, but when faced with a protest that torpedoed a Prime Minister, he remained blankly silent. “humiliated”WHO “Can’t stay in his post”.

“This is a crisis created by the Tories in Downing Street, but ordinary people are paying the price,” He blasted Rachel Reeves, Labour’s finance chief.

While waiting to release his full draft budget on October 31, Jeremy Hunt warned the results “very difficult” With impending state spending cuts and tax hikes, Liz rejected Truss’s original plan entirely, but promised the government would make it a priority. “Helping the Most Vulnerable”.

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