Live War in Ukraine: Iran admits supplying drones to Russia


New tanks for Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky responded on Saturday after supplying his army with 90 new tanks. “We are sincerely grateful to the Netherlands, the United States and the Czech Republic for providing important and urgently needed support – 90 T-72 tanks. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are moving forward and need this equipment,” he said.


Iran agrees to supply drones to Russia

Iran’s foreign minister admitted to supplying drones to Russia for the first time on Saturday. Hossein Amiraptollahian insisted, however, that this happened before the war in Ukraine. AP Institute And talks about a “limited” number of drones.

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In Ukraine, fear of losing access to Starlink

Ukraine’s fears that its troops could lose access to Elon Musk’s Starlink service intensified last week after 1,300 military satellites were taken offline, two sources familiar with the matter said. CNN.

This internet connection system is provided free of charge By the millionaire to the Ukrainian armyAllows troops to remain connected despite local network cuts, often destroyed by war.


19 Ukrainian prisoners of war released

Nineteen Ukrainian border guards have returned home after months of captivity in Russia, the State Border Service of Ukraine announced.

“The long months of Russian captivity are over. 19 border guards have returned home. They will be medically examined and rehabilitated. But the main thing is that they are alive and at home,” we read. In a press release on Telegram.



Update on Russian losses according to Ukrainian civil servants

According to the Ukrainian military, more than 600 Russian soldiers were killed in 24 hours, making a total of 75,440 casualties since the war began. They also claim to have disabled eight additional tanks without being able to verify the exact veracity of the advanced numbers.


British intelligence says difficulties for Russia continue

In its daily update, the British Ministry of Defense asserts that Russia is currently struggling to train its mobilized men.

“These issues will be compounded by the annual fall conscription cycle announced from September 30, 2022 and November 1, 2022, which is expected to attract an additional 120,000 to the Russian military,” British intelligence said.


Continued “secret” mobilization?

According to Institute for the Study of War (ISW)A US study found that Russian President Vladimir Putin is creating the conditions for “continuous covert mobilization” of the country’s men, particularly by “trying to encourage voluntary service or establishing conditions”. The condemned should be mobilized ».

Reuters/Sputnik/Gavriil Grigorov


A reward of 3000 euros for those who accumulate

Among several decrees signed by Vladimir Putin this Friday, One of them It provides for an allocation of 195,000 rubles (3,000 euros) for each soldier mobilized since September 21, the date the Russian president ordered partial demobilization.



“We are ready for peace,” promises President Zelensky

In his traditional daily speech, the Ukrainian president returned to the last days of fighting: “The fighting has been concentrated this week in the Donbass, in Pakmut and Soledor. We are holding our positions.” He said, insisting that Ukrainians are “ready for peace.” A fair peace. We have said it many times. »


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