Live War in Ukraine: Army condemns “more than 50 cruise missiles” fired at country this morning


Twelve cargo ships left Ukrainian ports

According to Ukraine’s infrastructure minister, 12 cargo ships have left Ukrainian ports. UN to inspect 40 ships for Black Sea grain venture and the Turkish delegation presents ten study groups,” Olexandr Kubrakov said on Twitter: “The study plan was accepted by the Ukrainian delegation. The Russian delegation has been informed. For his part, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, assured that his country was determined to “continue its efforts” to secure the deal on Ukrainian grain, “despite Russian hesitations.”


President Erdoğan has said that Turkey is determined to continue its efforts on Ukrainian grain.


Ukraine Implements ‘Blackout Plan’

Maksym Kozytskyi, governor of Lviv in eastern Ukraine, explained in a telegram. « “Blackout program” will be introduced in his region “and throughout Ukraine”. Its purpose is to limit energy consumption in anticipation of possible shortages. Thus, consumers will be divided into three groups, each with a power outage schedule. “Also, due to the attacks on critical infrastructure that the terrorist state sought today, an emergency power cut is being introduced in Ukraine. ,” he said.


“More than 50 cruise missiles” were fired at Ukraine

According to the Ukrainian Air Force General Staff, Russia launched “more than 50 cruise missiles” in its latest massive attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. The military says more than 50 X-101/X-555 cruise missiles were fired from the North Caspian Sea and Russia’s Rostov region using Tu-95 and Tu-160 aircraft. At the same time, Ukraine claims to have destroyed 44 of them.



Ongoing Russian “massive offensive” against energy installations in several regions

“Russian terrorists have again launched a massive attack against energy system facilities in several regions,” Kyrillo Tymoshenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s president, said Monday morning. “Some missiles were shot down by anti-aircraft defenses, while others hit their targets,” he added.


Two cargoes loaded with grain left Ukrainian ports

Two cargo ships loaded with grain left Ukrainian ports on Monday to take the humanitarian sea route to Turkey, the Special Base Maritime Transport said. The moves come despite Russia on Saturday suspending a food transit agreement concluded in July under the UN and Turkey.


Interview between American Blinken and Chinese Yi

According to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, the two discussed Russia’s war on Ukraine and the threats it poses to global security and economic stability. Blinken discussed the need to maintain open communications with his Chinese counterpart and the need to responsibly manage US-China relations.

For his part, Wang Yi called on “all parties to exercise restraint.” In addition, the Chinese minister called for “intensification of diplomatic efforts to prevent further deterioration of the situation”.


Many cities were affected by the bombing

According to local media, explosions were heard in Zaporizhia, Kirovohrad, Kharkiv or Odessa.

There are power and water supply interruptions in parts of Kyiv, such as Zaporizhia and the Cherkassy region. In Kharkiv, the metro has stopped.


Woman killed in shelling in Dnipropetrovsk region

According to local officials, the Russians dropped 40 bombs on the city and the region. According to preliminary assessment, one woman died.


Russian troops have ‘barely usable’ guns

According to Britain’s MoD, Russia has deployed thousands of newly mobilized reservists to the front lines, often with “barely serviceable” guns. In September, Russian officials feared that some of the recently mobilized would arrive in Ukraine unarmed. First introduced in 1959, the weapon was AKMs, the rifles issued to mobilized reservists, the images suggest. The AKM fires 7.62mm ammunition, while Russian regular combat units are often armed with 5.45mm AK-74M or AK-12 rifles. According to British intelligence, Russian logistics experts were to bring two types of small arms ammunition to front-line positions. “This will further complicate Russia’s already strained logistics systems.”

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An explosion was heard on cue

About 7-8 explosions were heard in Kiev and its region. According to the first indications, about forty Russian missiles were launched in several cities of the country.


Wheat price goes up

Wheat futures rose after Russia pulled out of the UN-backed Black Sea Grains Initiative to allow grain exports from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, according to Bloomberg.


Chinese company Huawei has left Russia

According to Russian newspaper Izvestia, the smartphone brand has stopped direct deliveries to Russia and may exit the Russian market.


Russia may withdraw units from the Kherson region

According to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Russia wants to withdraw its heavy artillery from the right bank of Kherson with the intention of transferring it to other front areas.


Air strike warnings across Ukraine

An airstrike alert was issued across Ukraine early this morning. A map shared by the Ukrainian Armed Forces showed large swathes of Ukrainian territory on alert, including Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Zaporizhia and Odesa.


Prague: Tens of thousands of demonstrators in support of Ukraine

“Several tens of thousands” of people gathered in Prague’s historic center on Sunday for a new demonstration in support of Ukraine, Czech police said.

Under the Czech, Ukrainian, EU and NATO banners, the rally titled “Czechoslovakia Against Fear” brought together participants from both countries at the famous Wenceslas Square.

Olena Zelenska, wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, addressed the crowd via video and thanked them for their support.


Ukraine condemns reimposed Russian blockade, making grain exports “impossible”

Ukraine condemned grain exports on Sunday as a Russian embargo was reinstated by Russia, a day before a deal to allow supplies, after an attack on its navy in Crimea that Moscow blamed on Kyiv for its help. London. The Russian military confirmed on Sunday that the attack was carried out using air and sea drones and had hit at least one Russian warship in Sevastopol Bay.


Zelensky: “Only Russia is responsible for food becoming more expensive”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Sunday evening that “Russia is solely responsible for the high cost of food in West Africa and East Asia. Russia is the reason why people in Ethiopia, Somalia or Yemen are going to suffer catastrophic shortages.


Russia stopped participating in ship inspections in Istanbul

The Joint Coordination Center (JCC), made up of representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries, announced on Sunday evening that Russian representatives participating in inspections of Ukrainian grain-carrying vessels in Istanbul since early August would withdraw “indefinitely”. UN He confirmed that 11 ships had been inspected on Sunday, after the Russian delegation announced it would no longer participate.

“In order to continue the implementation of the initiative, Turkey and the UN delegation proposed to provide 10 inspection teams to inspect 40 outbound ships tomorrow. This inspection plan was accepted by the Ukrainian delegation. The delegation of the Russian Federation has been informed,” the JCC explained. 112 cargo ships from Istanbul are awaiting inspection.


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