Live – War in Ukraine: 32nd day of Russian invasion

Kharkiv, recaptured by Ukrainian forces, shelling continues in Trostianets

Where is the Russian invasion of Ukraine this Sunday? In Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, shelling continues, with the Russian military seizing control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Slavodich, where the mayor was briefly arrested and provoked protests.-Ukrainians, according to Ukrainian regional authorities.

About 120 km northeast of Kiev, the city of Chernivtsi is surrounded by Russian forces, and its mayor Vladislav Atrochenko declared that it was impossible to evacuate civilians and wounded in large numbers.

On the other hand, Ukrainian forces have regained control of the northeastern city of Trostianets, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense told the Telegram Network on Saturday evening.

Update on the situation in Ukraine at 9:30 am.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine reached its 32nd day on Sunday. Strikes continue in western UkraineThe city of Lviv was attacked on Saturday, injuring five people, despite the Russian military announcing that it was now concentrating its efforts in the east.

In a video released on Saturday, Volodymyr Zelensky called on Western nations to provide more arms to Ukraine. “What is NATO doing? Is it being led by Russia? What are they waiting for?” He criticized.

The Kremlin responded to Joe Biden by insulting him with ‘personal insults’ and calling him ‘be thoughtful’.Vladimir Putin was branded a “butcher” and “dictator” on Saturday after his remarks.

Yves Claude, CEO of Auchan Retail International, on Sunday backed the group’s operations in Russia.The choice was “not easy” after the appeal of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, because “the exit would be imaginative from an economic point of view, but not from a human point of view”.

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Continuous strikes at the fuel depot in Lviv have so far been avoided

Lviv, a large city in western Ukraine, has so far been spared from fighting, following a series of Russian strikes on Saturday afternoon, two of which struck a gas depot, injuring five people, local officials said.

“Russian missile strikes on the city of Lviv are an attempt to intimidate Ukrainians, ambassadors of democracies in the city,” Andriy Iermak, head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, told the Telegram.

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The UK Secretary of State has said that sanctions against Russia can be lifted peacefully

British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss said on Saturday that sanctions imposed on Russia after the occupation of Ukraine would be lifted if Moscow agreed to a full ceasefire and withdrew its troops.

Liz Truss told the newspaper that sanctions against Ukraine could only go so far as a complete ceasefire and (troops) withdrawal. Sunday TelegraphIndicates that these sanctions may be re-imposed in the event of a new attack.

Zhelensky called on Western nations to provide more arms to Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky in his latest video on Saturday evening called for more weapons.

“We need more weapons. We need to protect not only Ukraine but also other countries in Eastern Europe from the threat of Russian invasion. We made this clear during our talks with our American counterparts in Poland,” he said.

“What is NATO doing? Is it being led by Russia? What are they waiting for?” He criticized.

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Joe Biden warns Vladimir Putin to call him a “butcher”

U.S. President Joe Biden violently attacked his Russian envoy, Vladimir Putin, on Saturday, calling him a “butcher” and declaring that he “could not stay in power” after his invasion of Ukraine, while the US president is currently visiting Poland.

“What the president means is that Putin will not be allowed to wield power over his neighbors or the region,” the White House quickly qualified.

“He did not talk about Putin’s power or regime change in Russia,” he said.

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