Live – Ukraine: Putin believes the end of Finnish military neutrality is “wrong”

Putin says it would be a “mistake” to end Finland’s military neutrality

A statement from the Kremlin said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had telephoned Finnish President Saul Ninisto on Saturday, calling the end of Finland’s military neutrality a “mistake.”

“Vladimir Putin stressed that it would be wrong to end the traditional policy of military neutrality, as there is no threat to Finland’s security,” the statement said.

The announcement of Helsinki’s candidacy for NATO membership, seen by Moscow with a very dim view, is expected on Sunday.

‘It will be difficult for anyone to say no to Putin’: Relatives of Azovstal militants seek help from Chinese president

Relatives of Ukrainian militants stranded on the Azovstel steelwork, the last part of the protest against Russian forces in the strategic port of Mariupol, on Saturday called on Chinese President Xi Jinping for help in evacuating themselves.

“There is a person in the world who finds it difficult to say no to Putin. We are convinced that a strong and classical China can make difficult decisions for a good cause,” Natalia was quoted as saying at a news conference. Zaritska, wife of a fighter.

“We invite Chinese President Xi Jinping to show greater Eastern wisdom and work to save Mariupol’s bodyguards,” he added in a room where a portrait of the Chinese leader was hung.

NATO candidate: Finnish President Vladimir Putin invited

Finnish President Saul Ninisto called on his Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday to announce the Nordic’s immediate nomination for NATO, which provoked hostility from Moscow, Helsinki said.

“The conversation was direct and direct and passed without irritation. It was considered important to avoid tension,” the Finnish president said in a statement.

The G7 wants additional sanctions targeting Russia’s “dependent” sectors

Yet by the same declaration, the G7 indicated that Russia wanted additional sanctions targeting “dependent” sectors, and urged China not to “slow down” international efforts in this direction.

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Russia seeks to forcibly change “G7 will never recognize borders”

In an official statement, the G7 promised that Russia would “never recognize the borders” that it seeks to impose on Ukraine. International summit Belarus calls for “stop facilitating” Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The Ukrainian MP called on Macron to lead the ‘movement of world leaders to save the heroes of Azovstalin’.

Sergei Daruda is a member of the Rada of Q and a former governor of Donetsk. Also, he is now a worker at the site of the martyred Azovstall. “We must mobilize to save these knights,” he said this Saturday morning, as he fired at our antenna, provoking the 1000 Ukrainian soldiers still underground in this steel industry in Mariupol.

Ukrainian officials say 600 of them were injured. “There is no medicine in that place anymore. Alas, we have no way to help them except to launch a joint effort of world leaders.”

Russia suspends power supply to Finland

An official of the Finnish Electric Grid Operator told AFP following an announcement by a Russian supplier that electricity exports from Russia to Finland would be suspended overnight from Friday to Saturday.

RAO Nordic, the company responsible for selling Russian electricity to Finland, announced it would suspend distribution at midnight on Friday, citing unpaid tariffs as Finland prepares to announce its candidacy for NATO.

The Rector of the University of Mariupol evokes scenes of “the most terrible war of a hundred years.”

Referring to the material damage in his devastated, devastated city, the Rector of the University of Mariupol advanced, not believing the tentative estimates: “Potsa, Porodianka will unfortunately appear as a mild scene of war. Went to Mariupol.”

“I did not dare to imagine the number of bodies scattered in this basement, which was completely destroyed,” he predicted, “and the exact number of victims would be terrible.” “It’s probably the scariest movie in a hundred years,” he told our antenna this morning.

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The rector of Mariupol University condemns the “occupation regime” on the spot

In southeastern Ukraine, with the exception of the Azovstal base, Mariupol has come under Russian control. Nikolaj Trofimenko is the rector of his university. If he is now a refugee in Q, he described the situation in the city where he works on our antenna this morning.

“To move from one district to another, you need permission. You have to go through filters to get food. This is an aggressive regime,” he denounced in Duplex. He continued: “100,000 civilians are still trapped in the city because the Russians are still firing on civilians during evacuations! They are not letting their vehicles out of this hell.”

“Artificial images of the lives of citizens in Mariupol do not correspond to reality,” he concluded.

A Russian soldier describes the war crimes committed by his former unit on the Ukrainian front

We air our new document Monday, 8:50 p.m. Red line: “War crimes, evidence”.

In this statement released this Saturday, the captured Russian soldier talks to a Ukrainian blogger about the barbaric acts committed by his unit on the front.

“Breakthrough of the August war”: Predictions of Ukrainian intelligence

Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukrainian military intelligence, gave his predictions about the evolution of the conflict in the coming months, in an interview with the media.

“The turning point should come in the second half of August, and most of the fighting will be over by the end of the year,” he said.

Mariupol: 600 injured are waiting for evacuation at Azovstal site

600 people were injured and 38 of them are in critical condition. This is the statement issued by the Ukrainian authorities at the center of the negotiations between the last defenders of the site of the Azovstalin site in the last Ukrainian part of Mariupol and the Russians and the locals.

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Of the Garrison’s 1,000 soldiers, these wounded, still resisting on the spot, took refuge in the underground passages of this industrial zone. And in dramatic circumstances. One of these soldiers, Sviatolsva Palamar, testified in an online video: “We have no ammunition, no food, no medicine.”

Zhelensky promises that the Ukrainian army will return from the Russians

In his daily speech a few hours ago, Volodymyr Zhelensky again tried to cheer his people on.

Although the Ukrainians claim that 27,000 Russian soldiers have died since the start of the war, their president has confirmed that his army has recaptured “1000” seats from the enemy, including “six” in a single day on Friday.

Fighting broke out in Donbass, but the Russians were stalled

Moscow’s particularly fierce fighting rage in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine without significant progress has sparked ‘tough’ talks on the fate of the last defenders of the strategic port city from Mariupol.

“There is fierce fighting on the border of the Donetsk region near Bopasna,” Serguiï Gaïdaï, the Ukrainian governor of the Lugansk region, commented on Facebook on Friday evening, adding that there had been a lot of loss of equipment and personnel on the side. Russian.

“It’s a horror, but they’re still trying to get their way.

A U.S. defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the most important Russian operation was currently underway in Donbass. “And basically we continue to see that the Russians have not developed a significant grip on the region,” he said.

“Ukrainian artillery is thwarting Russian attempts to gain ground, including their attempt to cross the Donetsk River.

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