Live – Ukraine: In Kherson, Russia destroys “all key infrastructure”, according to Zelensky

e. Macron: “We must continue to try to support Ukraine”

Asked about France Inter, Emmanuel Macron confirmed France’s desire to “continue the effort to support Ukraine”, “we are doing it”, at the humanitarian and military level. He cited that deliveries of military equipment are still arriving in Ukraine, while a support conference dedicated to the “Ukrainian internal resistance initiative” will be held in Paris in December.

“The Russian strategy is to destroy civil infrastructures, electricity generators, water pipes … everything that allows us to pass the winter, so that an exhaustion, a desperation is unleashed”, the head of state slammed. “We need to redouble our efforts to support the most resilient things to get through the winter,” he continued.

“We are going to redouble our efforts and mobilize the international community on this matter in December,” Emmanuel Macron stressed. And “in parallel”, talks should continue in the coming weeks: “We still need to engage in diplomatic efforts to try to put everyone back to the table”, he said, but “under conditions acceptable to the Ukrainian president and his people”.

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