Live – Queen Elizabeth II dies and Charles III becomes king

«It’s sad“… Fans, tourists and journalists gathered outside Buckingham Palace in London to share their concern about Queen Elizabeth II’s health and their affection for the popular monarch.

«I hoped the Scottish air would do her some good“says 66-year-old Elizabeth Jackson, named after the Queen.”It is worrisome that the problems have increased manifold in a year». «She was our queen all our lives, she was very calm and very measured“, notes passionately Maureen Barnett, a retired professor interviewed by AFP.

Britain-Royals-Queen-Health AFP

But apart from scores of journalists and hundreds of visitors, sometimes bearing bouquets, there have been few signs of growing anxiety in the country. Stoic, traditional guards shuffle their guns at regular intervals, tourists take selfies and police continue their routine rounds. Some people, not always informed about the latest news, still wonder about the existence of the media. “The queen is ill“, then a policeman explains to them showing his mobile phone.

Beyond emotion, reality is needed before the palate. “It’s to be expected, she’s so weak, it’s sadAustralian tourist Ken Cross observes. “It’s normal, she’s getting oldA young woman in her twenties joins Homa. “It’s sad, but she lived her lifeA German tourist Diana Leroy mentions. “We don’t have a monarchy in Germany, so I don’t know how people here feel.»

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