Lavrov’s anti-Semitic statements push Israel into the Kiev camp

Analysis – Russia-Israel relations are deteriorating after a sting sent by the Russian Foreign Minister about the Ukrainian president’s Jewish ancestry.

Reporter in Jerusalem

Cherku Lavrov Outrage Israel. On Sunday, the Russian Foreign Minister said of President Jelensky’s Jewish descent: “I believe Hitler also had Jewish blood.” He then added: “We have long heard Jewish sages say that the greatest anti-Semites are the Jews.”

These reports caused a stir in the government. These words are wrong and their intentions are bad. The purpose of such lies is to accuse the Jews of committing the most heinous crimes in history and to absolve Israel’s enemies of all responsibility. “ Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett responded.

Secretary of State Yair Lapid was very outspoken in his comments: “Lavrov’s comments are an unforgivable and outrageous statement and a terrible historical error. The Jews did not kill themselves in the Holocaust. Very low volume …

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