Kyiv says 183 children have been killed and 342 wounded since the start of the Russian invasion …

11:41 am: Russian journalist hired by German newspaper to intercept TV news

Recall that in mid-March, Russian journalist Marina Ovsyanikova appeared directly on Russia’s most-watched television news channel, the Kremlin’s pro – Bervi Kanal, with a sign criticizing Moscow’s military action in Ukraine and condemning the media “propaganda.” Power.

After being arrested and fined, he finally left the channel and is now a reporter for the leading German daily Die Welt in Ukraine and Russia. “Marina Ovzhannikova had the courage to confront the audience in Russia with a dilute picture of reality, at a crucial moment,” explained Ulf Boshard, editor-in-chief of the Welt Group. “Despite the threat of state repression, he thus defended the most important press virtues.”

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