Kyiv announces it has driven Russians from four villages in the northeast.

6:00 p.m.: Africa “not against Ukraine”, AU chief says country “attacked”

African Union chief Macky Sall on Monday assured that Africa is “not against Ukraine” but a country that has been “attacked”, but explained the refusal of many African countries to take sides in the crisis.

“Africa is not against Ukraine, we should not have the impression that Africans are insensitive to the situation in Ukraine. That is not the case,” the Senegalese president said during the 8th edition of the Dakar International Forum, a conference of leaders and experts on security in Africa.

“But at the same time that Ukraine is at war, is being invaded, is being attacked, Africans are saying that Africa is constantly being attacked by terrorism,” he said. He cited the lack of international unity in tackling the economic crisis and diseases plaguing the continent. “We are in 2022 and we are no longer in the colonial era. We are in 2022, so countries, even if they are poor, have equal dignity. We have to treat their problems with the same respect,” he added.

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