Kovit in China: A new unknown variant of Omigran has been discovered in Shanghai

Despite the discovery of a new variant in Shanghai, China has recorded its worst pollution count since the outbreak began this Sunday.

As the city of Shanghai faces a new prison, China this Sunday announced a record number of daily pollutants by the corona virus. The total number is low considering the spread of Omicron in Europe, but with 13,287 cases, there has never been so much new pollution in China in the 24 hours since February 2020.

But the discovery of a new variant of Omigran in Shanghai province is worrying. Some elements of this variation have not yet been filtered out, but the state press has not “listed the new variant of the Omicron variant in any local or international database”.

No information has been provided on the number of cases, such as its potential high prevalence or its severity, but this variation will be closely monitored.

China has announced that it will conduct antigen testing on Sunday throughout the city of Shanghai and a nuclear acid test on Monday. Its purpose is to “control the recent re-emergence of Govt-19 cases in the metropolis.” Inform local authorities.

The idea is to measure the existence of this new variant of Omicron more accurately.

Of the 13,287 cases reported this Sunday, 1,506 were symptoms in China. Officially, Govt-19 has killed 4,638 people in China, including only two in recent weeks.

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