Johnson’s comment on Putin: Moscow summons British ambassador

The British ambassador to Moscow was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday, June 30, and protested against the comment. “RudePrime Minister Boris Johnson has called Russian diplomacy against President Vladimir Putin.

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Russia protestedFor sure»Vs. Deborah PronertThe blatant rhetoric of the British authorities against Russia, its leader, its officials and the Russian people“, He said in a statement.”In a civilized society, it is customary to apologize for such things.“Underscores Russian diplomacy by condemning”Humiliating rhetoric is unacceptable.

“A great example of male toxicity”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told German broadcaster ZDF on Tuesday evening that Vladimir Putin would not have attacked Ukraine if he had been a woman. He later condemned the Russian military operation.A great example of male toxicity“At the end of the G7 summit in Germany, for his part, Britain’s Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace told LBC Radio on Wednesday evening.President Putin’s view of himself and the world is a little man’s syndrome, a fancy view“Ben-Wallace is angry with Russian diplomat Maria Zakharova and accuses her.They are threatening everyone by showing atomic bombs“Every week.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry insists on summoning British ambassadorUnacceptableFor British officersDeliberately propagate misinformation, especially about alleged threats from the Russian side to the use of nuclear weapons“, According to a press release issued by Russian Diplomacy.

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