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Who is the Ukrainian Victor Medvetsuk?

Handcuffed, with disheveled hair and a Ukrainian military uniform, Victor Medvetsuk wandered the net yesterday after being arrested by the country’s special forces after fleeing the Russian invasion. But who is he?

He was a multi-millionaire, once one of the most influential men in the country, where he defended the interests of his friend in the Kremlin for more than 20 years. Nicknamed the “Prince of Darkness” by the media, Sergei Letshenko, an adviser to President Zhelenzky’s chief executive, says he “received advice and evidence directly from Putin to prepare the ground for the invasion.”

The two met in the early 2000s: Vladimir Putin, a former KGB member, was elected president of Russia, and a lawyer accused of being an unofficial KGB collaborator. Medvetsuk then chaired the president’s cabinet. In this case, he was accused of organizing a massive electoral fraud in support of a pro-Russian party in 2004, which first provoked a pro-Western uprising.

Apparently backed by Moscow, his opposition Platform – For Life party came in second behind President Zhelensky’s party in the legislative elections. In May 2021, he was charged with “high treason” in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian diplomatic crisis. He was accused of owning real estate in the Crimea, but invested in 2014 in a Russian refinery that funded the separatist forces of the Donbass.

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