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  • At 34e Day of War in Ukraine, New negotiations Is set to begin today in Istanbul, Turkey. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said on Monday that his country was the biggest target Negotiations The war with Russia ended. “The minimum program would be a humanitarian problem, and the maximum program would be to reach a ceasefire agreement.”He said on Ukrainian television.
  • Group of Russian Mercenaries Wagner The Ministry of Defense said on Monday evening that it was stationed in eastern Ukraine. BritishHe estimates that more than 1,000 militants could be brought in from the Sulfur Auxiliary Forces to fight in the country.
  • Ukraine announced on MondayIrbinThere was a fierce fighting scene in the suburbs of kyiv “Liberation” Russian forces. “The city is now liberated, but it is still dangerous”Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky said.
  • Ukrainian authorities are concerned about the still dramatic situation in the besieged port Mariopol. According to Tetiana Lomakina, adviser to the Ukrainian president “About 5,000 people were buried, but people were not buried for ten days due to the continuous shelling.”. She realized“Given the number of people still under the rubble (…)10,000 may have died..
  • Volodymyr Zhelensky Russia called for a ban on oil on Monday evening. The President of Ukraine has again called on his allies to provide Ukraine with additional weapons. “Fear always makes you complicit”He announced.
  • “What is happening in Ukraine is repeating what we have seen in Syria.”Vin’s general secretary saidAmnesty International, Agnes Colmart during the presentation of her 2021-2022 report on Tuesday in Johannesburg. “We are deliberately attacking public infrastructure and homes.”He accused Russia of allowing bombings on schools and humanitarian corridors. “Death Trap”.
  • Joe Biden Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he will not withdraw controversial comments calling for his ouster. “Anger” Personal and not a “Politics” In favor of regime change.
  • Head of Russian Diplomacy, Sergei LavrovHe said on Monday that an order was being prepared to restrict access to Russian territory to citizens of the countries responsible for the actions. “Friendly”.
  • Russian oligarchy Roman AbramovichTwo Ukrainian negotiators trying to mediate between Moscow and Qaeda to end the war have suffered from possible symptoms. “Poison”Report The Wall Street JournalMonday.
  • Slightly over forty thousand People The number of people fleeing Ukraine in the last 24 hours has risen to nearly 3.9 million, according to a UN report released on Monday.
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