Inflation: 200 euros, 50% discount on transport, reduced VAT on electricity … Spain’s anti-crisis plan until December 31

This is Pedro Sanchez’s 9 billion euro grant announcement plan announced by the Spanish government this Saturday.

Spain announced this Saturday a massive aid program to combat inflation. Some regions, such as Catalonia, have indicated they will end their aid this Sunday. In all, the aid will cost the Spanish government 9 9 billion, hoping to keep inflation at 3.5 points from 8.7% in May.

Here are the key aids announced by Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Public transport

From September 1, state-run public transportation subscriptions will be reduced by 50%. Other subscriptions that depend on local authorities will benefit from the assistance of up to 30% of the price. Catalonia announced that it would end this assistance on regional transport with a 50% reduction in national transport.

Electricity and fuel

The Spanish government has announced a 20-cent reduction in the price of a liter of fuel, but also a reduction in VAT on electricity. Thus, VAT will be reduced from 10% to 5%. This is the second reduction in VAT on electricity in Spain to 21% in a year.
In addition, Spain will set the maximum price for butane cylinders.

Check for 200 euros

Pedro Sanchez announced direct assistance in the form of a check for 200 euros to low-income workers, the self-employed and the unemployed.
Spain joins countries such as Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, which have already provided similar assistance.

Other activities

The government on Saturday announced more aid to war-affected companies, postponing social security contributions in the fisheries and livestock sectors. VAT for surgical masks has been reduced to 4%.

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These aids should no longer be verified by the Spanish Congress in the coming days.

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