In Ukraine, these soldiers fear a Russian nuclear strike

What if Vladimir Putin pushed the button? V.SThis is a conversation they often have with each other. On the front, in the evening hours of hope, Ukrainian soldiers push back their counteroffensive that could change everything to the east, especially in the Kherson region, against the nuclear threat branded by Moscow.

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Alexander, the infantrymen, Never leave your cell phone behind Find out about everything Vladimir Putin is up to: “Of course it scares me. It’s very scary. Already, it is feared that the Russians are firing unconventional weapons banned by the Minsk agreements. They do this often.
They don’t care, they shoot anything and they violate international agreements.

“If we’re in the center, we’re lucky to die very quickly. If we’re caught by a nuclear cloud some distance away, we have little chance because we’ll suffer and die.”

Igor, leader of the Anubis faction

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The battalions follow drills to prepare for the worst, but Igor, the head of the Anubis division closest to Kherson in Mykolaiv, recognizes their helplessness. “We consider this a risk and have procedures in place. But to be honest, if it happens, you can’t seriously prepare for it. The soldier agrees. There, as we are near Kherson, we will have a chance to die soon. We sure hope that doesn’t happen. But only the good Lord can tell if this is a madman [Vladimir Poutine NDLR] Whether to press the button or not.

The Ukrainian military has trained its soldiers in the first reflexes of adoption. “DAll staff are well trained to use iodine or other means against radiationIgor describes, I amBut if you find yourself under a bomb, iodine can’t do anything to you. Even gas masks, that is It can only extend the life for an hour, but not more than that.Despite the threat, Igor wants to keep fighting. “I lost many friends in this warThe soldier says, We need to finish it soon.

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For its part, Russia accuses Q of preparing “His bombs“, a radioactive bomb, which Ukraine denies. Fears that Vladimir Putin will use these allegations as a pretext. A way to justify the use of a bomb loaded with radioactive elements.

Ukrainian Soldiers and the Nuclear Threat: A Report by Gayle Joly and Laurent Macchietti

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