In the 5th volume of the French population living abroad, complex propaganda was carried out by distance … and in the presence of Manuel Valls

Of the 577 delegates sitting in the National Assembly, 11 represent the expatriate French population. Traditionally, ballots do not mobilize our comrades living abroad: in 2017, only 16% of registered voters voted in the first round of assembly elections, which is three times lower than the national average.

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Therefore, it is important for candidates to go to the polls. Laurent Cotter is running under the Republican flag in the 5th constituency, which includes Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Monaco. Between two meetings in Barcelona, ​​the candidate makes his calculations: traveled 5,000 kilometers by car, about fifty meetings. “On average, my blocks are 1,500 km from where I liveHe explains. During the last three weeks of the campaign, I would have spent two nights in my bed!

Laurent Cotter, LR candidate (SEBASTIEN BAER / FRANCEINFO / Radio France) in the 5th constituency of expatriate French population in Barcelona at the end of May 2022

Topics covered include: Taxation, Pensions, Education Abroad, Diplomatic Issues … “People expect local problems to be solved subconsciously.” Meetings are sometimes held in front of about fifty French foreigners, but assistance is sometimes very rare: “I’m had some meetings with one person! In the end, it’s very interestingLaurent Cotter says, Because you have time to dedicate yourself to that person. When there are 40 people I can not, he tries to tell everything that is happening in the city.

Traveling in four countries is not easy, explains Robin Fontaine, 25, a representative of the small civic movement Volt. After all, he has only a tight budget: 1,050 euros for the entire campaign. “We chose to travel by bus and train. We were lucky to have a party in Spain and Portugal, so the campaign costs were lower because I stayed with people when I traveled there.”

Professor Renaud Le Perre at French High School in Barcelona was invested in by Jean-Luc Mலlenchon’s new celebrity, environmental and community union. To protect themselves from the fatigue and expensive trips to the islands, the candidate multiplies long-distance appointments: “It affects more people than public meetings. We have time for conversation, asking questions, being ready for the theme. We record our appointments, which we can re-enact on networks. These video conferences are very necessary.”

Renaud Le Berre, NUpes candidate in the 5th constituency of the expatriate French population in Barcelona at the end of May 2022

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About 200 km from Barcelona, ​​the small principality of Andorra and its approximately 3,500 French residents are needed. That day, outgoing LREM vice president Stéphane Vojetta went door-to-door despite the storm and rain. The candidate, who was not invested by the presidential party, gathered some support for the cultural center and had the opportunity to settle accounts with the nominee from La République en Marche: “I have lived in Spain for 18 years. If Mr. Walls has a great reputation, I know he also has a problem with his image and reputation. If I run in this election, it will have to be a deputy. I want to be .B. “

Catherine, 75, who has lived in Andorra for 35 years, is really surprised by Manuel Valls: “What shocked me about him was that he said in Barcelona, ​​’I’m learning, these are my hometown’, and then ‘you know France is my whole life’ … this page ‘Challenges me to what I need to enjoy.’ If he is elected, will he do as he is told?

Someone who wants to take advantage of this fratricidal feud between Manuel Valls and Stephen Vozeta is called the candidate of the Reconstruction Party, Nicholas Samox! By Eric Jemmore. “Manuel Valls’ Parachute and Outgoing Assistant Stephen Vozetta’s Opponent Maintenance have completely redesigned the cards.He calculates. In fact, voices will explode from the Macronist camp. It’s a real opportunity for us to get to the second round. “

Legislature: 5th Batch of French People Living Abroad – Sebastien’s Report

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