In Taiwan, which annoys Beijing, Washington reduces the scope of its new “technical paper”

On Tuesday, May 10, the United States promised that it would not change its policy on Taiwan.Technical Sheet“This has angered China because it did not emphasize Washington in black and white.”Does not support freedom“From the island.”There is no change in our policy. All we did was update the specs sheet, which we routinely do in all of our relationships around the world.US diplomats spokesman Nate Price said.

He called ChinaNot to show responsibility and make excuses to increase pressure on Taiwan“This confirms the long-standing policy of the United States that the fact sheet on the U.S. State Department website was updated last week.”Single China“, Especially on the basis of US-China joint press releases, Washington preceded the establishment of official diplomatic relations with Taiwan to the detriment of Taiwan. And the United States “Does not support freedom“From the island.

Chinese Diplomatic Spokesman Zhao Lijian said US President Joe Biden should speak.ActionsTo show that they oppose Taipei’s independence. “The latest change in the US data sheet is a ploy to obscure and dilute the one-China policy“, He protested to reporters.”Such a political manipulation of the Taiwan issue and an attempt to change the status quo across the Taiwan Strait would be detrimental to the United States.“, He added.

However, the US government considers Beijing to be part of its territory one day and fears it could be forcibly withdrawn if necessary, which is increasingly provoking the situation. Although Washington has diplomatically recognized Beijing since 1979, US support for Taiwan has never ceased, even though it is no longer Taipei. The United States welcomesDemocracy“What the Taiwanese consider by opposing it”ArbitrarinessChina continues to be Taiwan’s most important arms partner and supplier.

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