In Spain, feminists are engaged in a war against the law of gender self-determination

The trans people will finally stop being considered sick in Spain, Pride welcomes Irene Montero, Spanish Minister for Equality at the beginning of March. On Monday, June 27, after two years of intense debate within the feminist movement and a year of intense negotiations within the government between the Socialist branch and its ally Unidas Podemos, the Spanish executive approved a bill for transgender equality. A speech eagerly awaited by the LGBTI associations is one of the most controversial in the legislature.

The bill guarantees entitlement “Self-Determination of Gender Identity” And this “Elimination of Illness” Of transgender. It allows transgender people over the age of 16 to change the gender specified in their identity documents without going to the civil register and having to confirm their gender after three months without any other procedure. No more psychological examination, no medical report, less obligation to submit to hormone therapy for two years: only the general expression of their gender will be sufficient to change their marital status. 14 to 16 years old, parental approval and 12 to 14 years old, judicial approval required.

“Government recognizes the right of transgender people to be themselves”Satisfied with the Committee of Ministers briefly Ms.Me Montero. Coming from the far left party Unidas Podemos, who has been defending the text tooth and nail in recent months, he has repeatedly returned to accusations in the media that he was not in a hurry to increase pressure on the head of government, Pedro Sanchez. The bill must be approved. This text, which will be on the table from 2020, will no doubt divide the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) and the feminist movement. Thus, for the first time, the March 8 demonstration in support of women’s rights split into two separate rallies, for and against the law.

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Parliamentary life

Carmen Calvo, a former deputy head of government and a socialist commentator on the feminist struggle, was one of the most vocal voices against the text before the first edition was approved by Carmen Calvo, the current chair of the Parliamentary Committee for Equality between Men and Women. A draft law in June 2021. “I’re fundamentally concerned about the notion that you choose your gender with nothing but pure preference or preference.”Said.. “If we deny gender, we deny inequality measured and structured on the basis of this biological fact.”He underlined after signing an argument that was left in circulation among elected officials.

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