In southern Ukraine, the counteroffensive gives hope to exiles

“I left my friends and my home”, says Alexey. On February 24, The day war was declared on Ukraine, I am L Already in Kryvyi Rih, 180 kilometers north of Kherson for a business trip. Since then, of course, he has not returned. “I will be in Kherson at the beginning of autumn, and I hope that our lands will be restored, He assures. Every day we think about it and believe in it. I want to go home in peace.”

>> Counterattack, troop movements… Why the war in Ukraine could enter a new phase in the south of the country

If Alexei believes it, a Ukrainian counteroffensive is taking shape in the south of the country, precisely on the Kherson front. And the strategy becomes clear. First, strike deep and destroy the infrastructure the Russians hold: fuel depots, weapon bases…then, bomb the bridges to prevent enemy troops from deploying from the east. Finally, make a slow, progressive attack. Ukrainians hope to formally regain lost territory in the spring.

“The counter-offensive must begin soon, and we must regain our lands up to the Crimea.”

Since the beginning of the war, about 35,000 deportees from the Kherson region have passed through the reception center. Kryvyi Rih. Many today share Alexey’s faith. The director of this reception center, Natalia Patrucheva, has been working with displaced people from Donbass for eight years, and she wants to dampen the spirits of the most optimistic.

“You have to be patient and brave. We believe in our army and our people. Everyone is doing everything possible to help our country.Natalya assures, not hoping for the quick recovery that some are hoping for. But how can we attack if we don’t have enough ammunition and long-range weapons?”

“Russia has to get out on its own, and if it doesn’t want to, we’ll get it out of here. We just have to wait until everything is better.”

Natalya Patrucheva

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However, according to her, we should not lose hope. In early March, the Welcome Center Kryvyi Rih Boucha and displaced people from northern Kiev were accommodated. Today, most of them have returned to their homes in an area deserted by Russian troops.

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