In full mobilization, Russia fires general in charge of logistics

Russia announced on Saturday that it was replacing Army General Dmitry Bulgakov, the top official in charge of logistics, as its offensive in Ukraine showed difficulties in this area.

«Army General Dmitry Bulgakov was relieved of his post as Deputy Defense Ministerand was replaced by Colonel General Mikhail MizhintsevResponsible for material and technical supply of armed forces“, the Ministry of Defense said in a press release, At a time when Russia is in the midst of a mobilization campaign.

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He was replaced by Colonel General Mikhail Mizhintsev, who until then was the head of the National Security Control Center and will now be the Deputy Minister of Defense “Responsible for material and technical supply of armed forces“, according to the same source.

At age 60, Mikhail Mizhintsev has held many positions within the civil service during his long military career. He has been targeted by Western sanctions for his role in the siege of Mariupol, a port city in southeastern Ukraine, which was captured by Russian forces in May at the cost of considerable destruction.

The change in public servants comes after President Vladimir Putin announced this week that he was mobilizing hundreds of thousands of Russians to give new impetus to his offensive in Ukraine.

This mobilization represented a major organizational challenge, requiring reservists to be mobilized from all four corners of a vast territory, equipped, sent to training centers, and then sent to the front. However, the military intervention in Ukraine has brought to light significant difficulties in terms of logistics, which analysts point to as one of the reasons explaining the difficulties Russian troops have faced since the start of the offensive.

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