In Arizona, Cary Lake has no success

Without appearing in the media — he shouts at every speech — Cary Lake could run as a rising star of a renewed Republican Party or as a newcomer to the Donald Trump campaign in the 2024 presidential election. He thought victory was certain. By late afternoon, Arizona’s candidate for governor, now a Republican candidate, was already planning his second term: “I’m going to be your worst nightmare for eight years. She assured the press. We will also reform the media. We’re going to make you journalists again. »

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Not successful. When he appeared before the press again a few hours later, the former Fox News local anchor had to admit that the victory was delayed. Or a few failures, like disabling multiple voting machines during the day. The first count established 52% of the vote, with the Republican clearly trailing her Democratic rival, incumbent Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (by 10 points). “But you know what?she challenged. Let’s win. »

The candidate recalled the experience of the primary examination earlier in August, when the same situation occurred. He was called upon to acknowledge the election before proceeding to count the postal votes. “It’s early, still earlyshe pointed out. And if we have to fight this struggle, we will do it even if it takes hours and days. »

Mechanical breakdown

More than Lake Cary, Arizona’s Donald Trump-backed candidates have had a victory night. With half of the votes counted, all were at least ten points ahead of their opponents. Republicans blamed the incidents for disrupting the voting process in Maricopa County (Phoenix area), which represents 60% of the vote.

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Once the ballot was opened, officials said at 20% of the 223 polling stations, some tabulators — machines that read and scan ballots filled out by hand once the voter enters the polling station — rejected the papers. Later they agreed that the ratio was 30%. County Supervisor Bill Gates, a Republican, urged voters to cast ballots at other offices or vote by mail at drop-off boxes. The failure was not identified until early afternoon: a printer adjustment and alignment problem.

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