Ideologist Xi Jinping outlines his vision to make China a “world’s first” power

Clearly, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a specific political entity. On Sunday, October 16, in Beijing, during the 20th Commencement, Xi Jinping provided further evidence of this.e Party Congress. In an hour and fifty minute speech, the Secretary-General did not mention the war in Ukraine, the economic recession in his country, peak youth unemployment or the situation in Xinjiang. China has been accused of mass harassment of the Uyghur minority, or even a constitutional change he made in 2018 to stay in power as long as he wanted. Even the zero-covid policy that paralyzed the country for nearly three years has been resolved in one sentence.

Thanks for maintaining it, “The lives and health of our people have been maximally protected and the coordination between the fight against the epidemic and economic and social development has achieved positive and important results”. Not a word about the tens of thousands of Chinese people who have been confined to their homes for weeks, in sometimes inhumane conditions, across the country.

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Same quick trigger “Rises” In Hong Kong, where “Order Restored” Thanks to “Consolidation of Hong Kong’s Governance Policy by Patriots”.. “We will continue to suppress the forces that are trying to destabilize Hong Kong and Macao to destabilize China.” he added.

The party is mundane

All the more impressive are the long setbacks to the state the party found itself in before Xi Jinping took over as its leader in November 2012. “The party leadership has weakened, its content has become empty and diluted (…). Currents of wrong thoughts like worship of money, pursuit of pleasure (…) were repeated (…). Disorder reigned over the Internet. »

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Many criticisms of his predecessors have no place in the performance report devoted to the past five years, but they are essential to understanding Xi Jinping’s “thinking.” As a good Leninist, he believed that strict control of the party was fundamental to control the country. It all follows. In less than two hours, Xi Jinping mentioned the Communist Party 142 times and claimed socialism 81 times. This omnipotence of the CCP is expected to increase further in the next five years.

“On the Right Side of History”

Now it has become a country “Moderately Prosperous”, The party has to commit itself henceforth “Second Century Purpose” [du PCC] : Create China a “The best modern country in all areas” In 2035 and a powerful nation “World’s First” In 2049. But, above all, don’t trust Western rhymes. Quite the contrary. From China “The Good Side of History”, On the contrary “Some countries that achieved modernization through war, colonialism and plunder”.

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