He shoots down a mass murderer, police and pro guns cheer

Elisha Dicken, A 22-year-old man opened fire at a shopping center in Indiana, USA, with an unlicensed weapon, killing three people and injuring several others. This earned him the respect of the police and the arms lobby.

A shot within a shot. This Sunday, July 17, 2022, Elisha Dicken shot and killed a man with an unlicensed weapon in the middle of a mass killing that is now recognized by Indiana laws, the newspaper reported. Parisian. A 22-year-old man hailed as a hero for avoiding a large number of deaths is at the center of a new controversy surrounding the carrying of weapons in the United States.

The story begins in a shopping center in Greenwood, Indiana, USA. That day, 20-year-old Jonathan Sabierman emerges from the toilet with a semi-automatic rifle and a handgun after being locked in for an hour. Once in the gallery, he opened fire on a customer, killing a man and a couple sitting in the restaurant area. In all, he fired 24 rounds and wounded two men. But his deadly streak ends there when he is killed by Elisha Dicken, 22, who was recently carrying an unlicensed handgun allowed by law.

A deeply divided America

In America, which has seen repeated mass shootings, this case is not a simple news story. There are two opposing schools of thought on this matter. The first is to think that regulating guns will drastically reduce the number of shootings. A second gun control would prevent citizens from defending themselves against mass murderers. Adherents of the latter were apparently quick to praise Elisha Dicken’s intervention. Among them are city police, gun advocates and, unsurprisingly, the NRA, America’s all-powerful gun lobby.

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“Had this armed and responsible citizen not acted very quickly two minutes after the first shots were fired, many more people would have died last night,” said Greenwood Police Chief James Eisen. And add: “The young man was all over the head and he acted very quickly.” The main argument of defenders of this armed response is that “good” citizens with guns avoid death during shootings. Jonathan Sabirman fired only 24 of the 100 rounds he was carrying and another gun was found in a mall restroom, which may have been the case in this case. However, if US law had been more restrictive, he could not have legally purchased these guns as he did.

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