Greece will protest against Serbia

Greece will officially protest to Belgrade after the accident on its territory Aircraft carrying military equipment from Serbia, a senior Greek Foreign Ministry official told AFP on Monday (July 18). The Greek Ambassador in Belgrade will issue “Immediate resistanceAccording to this official, against Serbia for not informing Athens in advance of the dangerous nature of the smuggled goods.

Explosive contaminated area

Eight Ukrainian personnel died when an Antonov cargo plane carrying military equipment to Bangladesh crashed in northern Greece on Saturday evening. The Antonov An-12, a Soviet-era four-engine transport plane owned by a Ukrainian company, carried about eleven tons of weapons. An AFP photographer saw Antono’s debris scattered over a wide area from the air.

As the explosives did not explode, residents were barred from entering the fields near the scene of the tragedy until authorities cleared the debris. Explosives experts worked at the crash site on Monday, making the area quickly cleared and accessible to residents.

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