Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son of a former dictator in the Philippines, will be elected president.

This is the final touches to the work that began decades ago in an effort to restore the family image. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was elected the new President of the Philippines on Tuesday, May 10th. According to the results, which cover more than 90% of the constituencies, the son of the late dictator of the same name received nearly 30 million votes, more than double that of his main rival, current Vice President Leni Roberto. . In this round of voting, it is enough to win as one of the ten candidates with the most votes.

Supporters of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. celebrated the election results on May 9, 2022 at his headquarters in Mandalayong.

This victory of the man nicknamed “Bangpong” completes the glorious turn of grace of his clan, which passed from complete political humiliation to supreme power within a generation.

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The 64-year-old “Bangpong”, who addressed his campaign headquarters in Manila on Tuesday morning, refrained from announcing his victory and thanked his supporters for months. “Sacrifices and Work”. “Until this is very clear, we will wait until the number reaches 100% of the vote, then we can celebrate.”, he said. In the capital, without waiting, his enthusiastic supporters exploded fireworks and waved Philippine flags around the streets.

Torrents of misinformation

About 67 million Filipinos are invited to vote in this general election, which will include the appointment of a vice president and representatives, half senators, provincial governors and thousands of local elected officials.

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Marcos Jr.’s victory is marked by a massive election campaign of misinformation and the unwavering support of the current dictator, President Rodrigo Duterte.

Voters are waiting to cast their ballots in Manila on May 9, 2022.

Over the years, pro-Marcos junior accounts have occupied social networks, turning the twenty years of his father’s rule (1965-1986) into a golden age of peace and prosperity for the young Philippines. They also ignore the fact that tens of thousands of enemies have been arrested, tortured or killed or that billions of dollars have been stolen from the country’s treasury by the Marcos clan.

The regime was overthrown by a major popular uprising in 1986, and the Marcos family was deported to the United States. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. – who immigrated to England when his father declared martial law in 1972 – is defending the rule of Marcos Sr. today. “Political genius”Strong early economic growth and the building of public spending under martial law hid corruption and mismanagement, then impoverished the nation.

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Returning to the country a few years after the death of the ousted dictator in Hawaii in 1989, the Marcos clan used themselves to gradually rebuild the powerful network of political support, using local beliefs and being elected to successive higher positions. Ilocos Norde, the stronghold of the Marcos Jr. family, has twice served as deputy governor of the province and was elected to the House of Representatives and Senate.

Speech behind the scenes

With his father, who carried out bloody repression during the years of martial law, Mr. Marcos’ relations make him one of the most divisive politicians in the country. “Bangpong” promised to recover “Unity” During his six-year tenure in the country he ran a sluggish election campaign, struggled to motivate his supporters and attracted a smaller crowd than his rival Leni Robrido. But it has benefited from widespread Philippine dissatisfaction with successive democratic governments since the end of the dictatorship, which they say has failed to improve their quality of life.

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He is, above all, credited with his success in a series of behind-the-scenes talks with other political parties, especially his alliance with the outgoing president’s daughter, Sarah Duterte. The latter also gained a significant lead in the simultaneous vice-presidential election.

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Leni Robredo, a 57-year-old lawyer and economist who campaigned to strangle corruption and political dynasties in the country, expressed his opinion. “Obvious disappointment” Facing the end “Nothing is lost, we do not fall”He said in a televised speech that he would continue the fight against Marcos within a few weeks once the full results were officially verified. “We’re just getting started”She promised.

Presidential candidate and former vice president Leni Robredo voted on May 9, 2022 in the province of Cameroon Sur (Philippines).

A day of violence

Other candidates for the presidency include renowned boxer Manny Pacquiao and former garbage collector Francisco Tomakoso.

Monday was marked by violence, as is often the case during elections in the Philippines. At least four people have been killed in attacks on polling stations across the country. On Sunday evening, nine people were injured when a grenade exploded in front of another.

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Marcos Jr. began his day by voting at a school named after his grandfather in Badak, a family stronghold in the north of the country. His mother, Imelda Marcos, a 92-year-old tribal leader, slipped her ballot box shortly afterwards, aided by her daughter Irene and her grandson Sandro, Marcos Jr.’s youngest son.

“In my view dynasties are not always bad by nature, although some may be.Said Sandro, 28, who is running for congressional constituency. But at the same time, I think many dynasties have served their constituencies well. ⁇

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