Europeans call for UN probe into Iranian drones in Ukraine

The Khakovka hydroelectric dam is the main supply system for Crimea

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky blamed the Russians on Thursday evening “mine” Dam of Khakovka hydroelectric station. Located in the occupied territory of Kherson (south), it allows water supply to the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed by Moscow in 2014. Ukraine on February 24.

Built on the Dnieper River, built in 1956, the structure is 16 meters high and 3,850 meters long. It is one of the largest infrastructures of this type in Ukraine. According to the website of the Ukrainian operating company Ugrihydronergo, the power of the hydroelectric plant is 334.8 MW. The Khakovka Reservoir, an artificial reservoir created along the course of the Dnieper, 240 kilometers long and 23 kilometers wide, is the upper part of the works.

Khakovka is about 60 kilometers to the east, as the crow flies of Kherson, the first major city to fall into Russian hands in March. The front is forty kilometers to the north.

If the dam bursts, “More than eighty regions, including Kherson, will find themselves in the flash flood zone”Before the Council of the European Union (EU) Mr. Zelensky was worried. “It could destroy the water supply of much of southern Ukraine” And 18 million cubic meters of water from this artificial lake will affect the cooling of the reactors of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, he added.

Russian occupation authorities in Kherson for their part denied and condemned any mining of the dam. “lie” President Zelensky.

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