EU calls merger referendum ‘illegal’, promises organizers ‘consequences’

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14h17 : The Russian Defense Ministry promises that thousands of men who have fled to neighboring countries including Georgia and Kazakhstan will not be deported after the announcement of mobilization in Russia.

14h02 : “Sanctions will be imposed from the EU with my country’s full support.” Catherine Colonna, head of French diplomacy in Kiev, said in response to the organization of illegal referendums in Ukraine. These are still to be decided at the European level, but he explained that both those involved in these elections could be targeted and that sectors of the Russian economy could escape this moment.

14h34 : France is creating a unit of investigators responsible for centralizing files on suspected war crimes in Ukraine. Consisting of a dozen investigators, it is already handling seven cases involving French nationals, including the deaths of French journalist Frédéric Leclerc-Imhoff and Franco-Irish journalist Pierre Jekrczewski. It receives handles deposited by Ukrainian refugees in France.

14h19 : Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna speaks from Kyiv after meeting her Ukrainian counterpart. It specifically announces that France will cover the transport and distribution costs of 14 million euros of a consignment of grain provided by Ukraine to famine-threatened Somalia.

1:13 p.m : This morning, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on his Telegram account “Russian Armed Forces to significantly strengthen security” ETerritories that Russia wants to annex by using “All Russian Weapons”Including “Nuclear Weapon”.

14h16 : On Moscow’s side, the Kremlin is already putting itself in a position to unify the regions where these referendums are being organized. “There will be cardinal changes in these regions from a legal point of view, from the point of view of international law and because of all their respective consequences. [des mesures prises] To ensure safety”Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters this morning.

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13h01 : A spokesman for the European diplomatic chief confirms that all people who participated in the system of annexation referendums organized by Russia in several regions of Ukraine will be admitted by the EU. Brussels recalled that these ballots, they were “illegal”Ends today.

12h12 : It’s noon, time for an update on the news:

• Minister of Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna, has visited Gew in support of the Ukrainian people. Follow along Our life.

• Health Minister François Braun announced that a new generation of vaccines against Omicron and its variants will be available from October 3.

“It is never a question of passing by force.”Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire promised “like” Entry into force “In the summer of 2023”.

• Defeated by Serbia (68-62) in the last group meeting of the World Championship. Les Bleus could face AmericaBig favorites of the tournament, in the quarter finals.

12h03 : Russia will not present films at the Oscars. The Russian Film Academy has decided that no films will be screened Apply for the title of Best International Picture.

11:47 : Between solidarity and organization D, young refugees from Russia organize themselves on the Telegram app. Our journalist Nathaniel Charbonnier tells you How does this unity take place?.Since the announcement of mobilization, thousands of young Russians have left the country.  Here on the Russian-Finnish border.  (JUSSI NUKARI / LEHTIKUVA) (JUSSI NUKARI / Magazine Photo)

11h06 : On the agenda for this trip: The Minister will meet his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba and them. “The provision of security equipment and the fight against impunity and underlining the strengthening of the support provided by France in financial and humanitarian terms”, “A boat to Ukraine” describes the ministry citing the operation. This is the last one “Departs Marseille on September 28 with over 1,000 tons of aid”.

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10h18 : This is Catherine Colonna’s third visit to Ukraine. “The minister wishes to express France’s solidarity with the Ukrainian people and its full determination to strengthen its support for Ukraine”justified the Quai d’Orsay in a press release.

10h12 : Bonjour l’Ukraine 🇺🇦, France 🇨🇵 is on your side. #Kiev good morning #Ukraine, good to be back. #Kyiv Good morning #Ukraine, glad to be back in #Kyiv. France stands by Ukraine.

11h06 : Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna is currently in Kyiv. “France is on your side”the head of French diplomacy wrote in a tweet.

11h03 : “In recent days, many people are coming to us from Russia. Most of them are forced to leave because of the hopeless situation”Kasim-Jomart Togayev said, according to Russian news agencies. “We need to take care of them and ensure their safety.”Added Kazakh President.

09h59 : The Kazakh president is a little more distant from the Kremlin. Kassym-Jomart Togayev pledged his country would protect Russians fleeing to Kazakhstan to escape the ongoing military mobilization to send reinforcements to fight in Ukraine.

11:37 : It’s 9 am and here’s the gist of the news:

• Last day for annexation referendum organized by Russia. The elections, which have been held since Friday in four regions of Ukraine under full or partial Russian control, have been condemned. “Simulacra” By kyiv and its allies. Follow along Our life.

• A new vaccination campaign will begin “From 3rd October” with arrival “New Vaccines” for that “Target Population”, Health Minister announcedFrancois Brown.

• Successful dart mission! A NASA spacecraft managed to crash into the asteroid Dimorphos and divert it from its path. You can restore this history first In the video.

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• # The Blues against Serbia in the World Basketball Championship. France, who are one point ahead of their opponents on the day, are already guaranteed to play in the quarter-finals of the tournament.

08h52 : This is the last day Annexation referendums organized by Russia. The polls, held since Friday in the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as in the Russian-occupied regions of Kherson and Zaporozhye, have been condemned. “Simulacra” by Ukraine and its allies. People vote in a Russia annexation referendum on September 25, 2022 in Donetsk, Ukraine. (ANATOLU AGENCY/AFP)

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