Energy crisis: Despite an EU proposal, Spain will not ask its citizens to reduce gas consumption

The European Union’s proposal to reduce gas consumption has not been implemented in Spain and Portugal.

The European Union asked member states on Wednesday to cut their gas consumption by 15% by March as an emergency measure after President Vladimir Putin warned that Russian supplies to Europe via Nord Stream 1 could be further reduced or stopped.

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But the Spanish government will not order consumers to cut gas consumption, Energy Minister Teresa Ribera said on Thursday, adding that Spain will resist an EU proposal aimed at reducing gas consumption.

“We will not introduce into law an obligation to regulate the temperature of residential thermostats”, he said in an interview with local radio station Catana SER. He, however, said that the government would advise people to conserve electricity.

In an interview with Expresso newspaper, the Portuguese Secretary of State for Energy, Joao Galamba, also pointed out that the EU proposal does not take into account the specific hydropower needs of Spain and Portugal, which have been forced due to the current drought. Most electricity is generated from gas-fired power plants.

proposal “Unequal and unacceptableBecause it could lead to power outages, he said.

The Iberian Peninsula, which does not depend on pipeline gas from Russia, is an energy “island” with few energy connections to the rest of Europe, Joao Calamba said.

Meanwhile, in Spain, Energy Minister Teresa Ribera said Thursday that the Spanish government will not ask its citizens to reduce gas use.

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