Death of Elizabeth II: Former servants of King Charles III have already been informed of her demotion.

While many of Prince Charles’ staff are expected to join the new monarch at Buckingham Palace, they have already been told of their impending abdication.

Queen Elizabeth II has not yet been laid to rest, as the period of mourning is far from over. The new King Charles III Rather quick and shows no emotions when managing his employees. Reported by GuardianDozens of staff at Clarence House, the Prince’s residence, will be made redundant.

According to our British colleagues, many servants thought to accompany the new monarch to Buckingham, because no sign was given by Charles III before his mother’s death. But earlier this week, amid a period of national mourning, up to 100 layoffs were announced.

Some positions were retained

In a letter to staff at Clarence House, Sir Clive Alderton, principal private secretary to King Charles III and his wife Camilla, explained that some posts directly related to the couple would, however, be maintained. “Our staff have given long and loyal service and while some redundancies are unavoidable, we are working to identify alternative roles for a large number of staff,” a spokesperson for Clarence House told the Guardian.

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