Cruella Von der Leyen and the oil of Palpoutine … சிரிப்பால் இறக்க!

Our crulla of the Great Commission revealed to us a beautiful nonsense.

So she didn’t really say it, but that is what her words meant.

“We have to be very careful with Russian oil, because without buying it, Putin could sell at a higher price in the market.”


Our good krolla is priceless (notice it with our lines).

This is called a collision with the wall of reality.

Sanctions against Russia not only irritate Europe and inflict huge prices on us, but Putin’s Russia is also making more money.

If this is not the Ukrainian or Russian side of the human casualties of the poor bugs, it will obviously make me laugh. But the blood is flowing and our barriers are pure nonsense!

The only way to get rid of this is through negotiations and a diplomatic approach.

Charles Sunnat

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