Crater collapse, volcanic flow into sea, mini tsunami: Incredible footage of erupting Stromboli volcano captured by drone

A volcano in Italy erupted on Sunday morning. On Tuesday, Italy raised its alert level.

The Stromboli Volcano One of the few in the world with continuous operations. It is situated on an island of the same name, 400 souls and a portionArchipelago is attachedItaly of Aeolian IslandsNorth of Sicily. The Stromboli volcano entered this Sunday morning explosion.

Stromboli is an island north of Sicily.
Screenshot – @googlemaps

“The Great Volcanic Unconformity”

Impressive lava reached the sea on Tuesday, according to the Department of Civil Defense Italy Raised its alert level. The island now exists Amber Alert Because a “The Great Volcanic Unconformity”.

“After days/weeks of increased activity at Stromboli (including a large eruption and 2 eruptive events), this morning part of the crater rim formed a collapse flow and initiated a volcanic eruption. Tide gauges recorded Tsunami 2 cm”, wrote Marco Pistolesi, professor of volcanology at the University of Pisa, on Twitter on Sunday morning. The creator of this interesting video of the event is called Timelapse.

Days/weeks after increased activity (including a large eruption and 2 eruptive events) #Stramboli, this morning a partial collapse of the crater rim created a flow and started the eruption. Ondometric measurements recorded a 2-cm tsunami@LGS_UNIFI

β€” Marco Pistolesi (@m_pistolesi) October 9, 2022

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