Confronting Joe Biden, Mahmoud Abbas denies any rapprochement between Israel and Saudi Arabia

The lessons of history, the denial of reality, the attempt to unify the dams that are leaking from all sides… All this was in a speech by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to his guest in Bethlehem, Joe Biden, on Friday, July 15. After two days in Israel and a morning in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Mr. Abbas again rejected normalizing relations between the Jewish state and part of the world. Biden makes a point of promoting.

On several occasions, the “raïs” recalled the existence of the “Arab Peace Initiative”: a plan designed by Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah in 2002 and adopted by the Arab League in the same year, which was subject to normalization with Israel. A possible Palestinian state. The initiative was buried by diplomatic default agreements signed in 2020 under the auspices of Donald Trump between Israel on the one hand and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco on the other. But the 2002 plan is officially routine in Riyadh, Mr. Abbas allows the current Saudi ruler, Salman, to urge him not to forget it.

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There was something eerily ironic about the meeting between Mr Abbas, 87, and Joe Biden, 79, alias Abu Mazen. It was an opportunity for the US President to recall more clearly than ever during his inauguration (1993) his commitment to the two-state solution on the 1967 borders. , starting in Washington, seems dead today, though never buried.

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There is no way to resume negotiations

Mr. Biden has not actually indicated any way to restart peace talks. He did not refer to East Jerusalem as the “capital” of a future Palestinian state, a key demand of leaders in Ramallah. The White House tenant endorsed his predecessor Donald Trump’s recognition of the holy city as Israel’s capital. Earlier in the morning, Mr. Biden also visited Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem, where he gave $100 million in aid to the Palestinian Hospital Network in the holy city — which Congress must verify.

He also pledged $201 million to UNRWA, the United Nations agency that helps Palestinian refugees, which was scorned by Donald Trump at the time. He finally announced a plan to deploy 4G in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 3G and 2G regimes respectively — a promise of progress already made by Israel and Washington that turned out to be a dead end.

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