Coal consumption is high as wind turbines are high!

Here is a cool and genuine observation.

The more you sort your trash cans, the more you save the planet with your electric cars, the more “smooth motion” you have and the more coal we use, the worse the solution for energy production, because it produces the most carbon-sensitive but most microscopic particles and is therefore deadly to people. Causing pollution.

I would like to show you here that discussions about the environment are misguided and fragmented.

The truth is, the more we do COP 21, 22, 23 the more we increase our pollution levels.

Little Greta can roll on the floor because you don’t cut anything when you look at the numbers!

Even worse, pollution is on the rise.

What this means is that the frenzy of our Big Tail puppy is so useless, and at worst useless, but it is considerably depressing to all the other young people of his generation affected by climate concern. And environmental concerns are not good for the mental and physical health of our children.

Meanwhile, getting the skins of yogurt pots is not Creta, but inflation! How effective are market forces when they are allowed to “design” real prices!

Charles Sunnat

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